Which Hairstyles to Avoid for Hair Thinning

hair thinning

The loss of hair is something that irritates or scares everyone. What most people don’t understand is that there is a fine line between hair thinning and hair loss, and the specific cases need to be identified if you want to cater to it accordingly. It is a renowned fact that hair loss is somewhat associated with old age, but when we speak of thinning, it should be noticed that it can strike the individual any time during his lifetime.

Out of the many predictable causes behind this issue, there seems to be an addition that has been present since the beginning of time, but escaped the eyes of the audience. It has been seen that there are certain hairstyles that can cause shedding without any particular sign, apart from the receding hairline, or thinning in specific areas of the head. However, you may or may not find the time to scan your scalp closely on your own, which is why it is better that you notice other signs, or simply avoid the hairstyles that are leading your hair to destruction.

Doing experiments like dying the hair with a dye, that uses ammonia, and braiding on a daily basis, not only harms the health and condition of the hair, but also makes them thin. Apart from that, you should remember that not every hair type can bear the same amount of stress laid upon them. Braids, in whichever form you are considering, cause exceptional damage to the hair. Sleeping with your hair tied up tightly can even lead you to losing your hair in clumps. Try the loose braids instead of tight fishtails and make sure to let your hair fall loose when you are going to sleep.

Traction alopecia is the commonly growing problem that connects to the hairstyle form of hair thinning or hair loss clinic Dubai. Therefore, even if you don’t style your hair on a daily basis, make certain to get your case checked once you notice the signs of hair thinning. Tight buns, excessive use of gel and hair spray, sleeping with bobby pins in your head, or while your hair is tied, can originate thinning. Apart from that, heat styling on a regular basis drags us down to the similar issues, while damaging the tips of the hair resulting in split ends.

Instead of getting a haircut every once in a while, try to treat the problem naturally. Furthermore, if you have already lost a good amount of hair to thinning, then an efficient possible option for you to consider is the non-surgical hair replacement system in UAE. You can enjoy the new hair as you would have enjoyed your own strands, with the volume, color, and length according to your choice. In addition to that, it does absolutely no damage to the existing hair on the head, in its place, it takes cue from them so as to provide you with the experience that had a few years ago!

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