If you are looking for a top-of-the line baby double stroller that is good for you, your baby, and the environment, then you should take a look at the UPPAbaby Vista stroller.  This luxury eco friendly stroller offers all of the features you need in a non-toxic format that is better for your baby and the environment.


When it comes to safety, the UPPAbaby Vista offers all of the features that you would be looking for.  You can use this eco-friendly stroller from day one thanks to the included bassinet.  Once your child has outgrown that feature, the UPPAbaby Vista offers a car seat attachment that allows you to use it with the infant carrier of your choice.  From there, your child will be buckled securely in a five-point harness in the rumble seat that seats up to a 50 pound child.

We love that the UPPAbaby Vista stroller is eco-friendly as well.  The frame is made out of lightweight aluminum, which is not only user-friendly but avoids the gas emissions known to be emitted by plastic strollers.  The bassinet is fully lined with organic soybean and cotton materials so that it is not only comfortable for your little one but safe of any chemical exposure as well.


The UPPAbaby Vista is going to stand out in the crowd with its bright color options and modern styling, but you get so much more than looks when it comes to this stroller.

This eco-friendly stroller is relatively lightweight, and we love that it has so many options for riding.  You can use it with the included bassinet, the car seat of your choice, and on its own as a stroller.  Even better, the seat of the stroller can be flipped around so that your child is facing you.

We love that the UPPAbaby Vista folds up small.  It can be carried in its own carry bag, which is about the size of medium duffel like you would take to the gym.  This means that it easily fits into the trunk of the car, onto busses, and up and down stairs.  The only disadvantage to this is that you have to remove the wheels, which can be a bit of a pain.

The seat of the UPPAbaby Vista does recline, allowing your little one to take a nap on the go.  The nice-sized storage basket can still be accessed when the stroller is reclined.  We do wish that the stroller had included a cup holder for the price, but UPPAbaby does sell an optional one that you can attach.


We love how easy the UPPAbaby Vista folds up compactly, making it great for parents on the go.  We do wish that you didn’t have to remove the wheels to do so, but that is a small price to pay for convenience.  The fact that this eco-friendly stroller has three different seating options means that you have plenty of options no matter how old your child is.

We do wish that the stroller had included a little more storage and features like a parent tray for the price.


The UPPAbaby Vista is definitely designed for smooth surfaces.  If the ground is too uneven, the stroller tends to bounce, which can jostle the baby.  This is particularly true when they are rear facing.

Other than that, the ride is quite comfortable for them.  The bassinet is lined with an organic soybean and cotton blend that is quite soft, and the seat of the stroller is padded.  With the adjustable recline our child can take a nap quite easily.

For pushing, the UPPAbaby Vista turns like a dream.  The handle is taller than a lot of strollers that we looked at, so even my husband can push it easily.  It is a little on the heavy side when you have the car seat attached, but this is true of most strollers we’ve looked at.

Not Ideal for:

This is a luxury stroller, so it is not ideal for parents on a budget.  Also is not ideal for someone looking to jog or go off-roading.


The price tag is the biggest disadvantage of this stroller, and many parents will have a bit of sticker shock at the $700 price tag.  However, when you compare its features to that of other luxury strollers, the UPPAbaby Vista is actually quite affordable for its class.

Bottom Line:

We love how beautiful the UPPAbaby Vista looks, how easy it is to use at all stages, as well as the fact that it is great for the environment.  This company has gone out of its way to design a stroller that will make everyone happy. Read more for more reviews