When it comes to dental health, plaque is the most annoying thing. They are layers of harmful live-in germs in your mouth in stain color sticking to your teeth. Plaque is usually can be get rid of by good hygiene such as brush your teeth twice a day and using mouth wash. But in some worse cases, they cannot be defeat by just that. Plaque can add up to bad breath, tooth decay, gums diseases and other oral problem.

Consulting dentists is the most desperate way as you cannot get rid of them since you can totally deal with it at home by taking a little effort and times.

Here are some natural and effective ways to help you solve the problem of plaque.

1. Fruits

Anything with good amount of vitamin C can be a great tool to get rid of plaque/ tartar. Plus, it can be very useful in protect dental health. For the best result, you can use strawberry, tomatoes, orange…


Here’s how you should do it:

· Before brushing your teeth, directly rub pieces of fruits into your teeth.

· Wait for at least five minutes to allow the plaque to be softened.

· Rinse off with baking soda after that and brush your teeth as usual.

· Repeat it every day on a regular basis.

2. Cheese

aged cheese

Using cheese to get rid of plaque may come out as a surprise but in fact, it does help. Aged cheese has properties can balance the acids which increase plaque in your mouth. The most effective way is eating raw aged cheese every day on a regular basis. This will not fail to solve the problems of plaque or tartar in your mouth.

3. Orange Peels

Another tried-and-tested plaque remover is using orange peels. Vitamin C in the peels can sweep away all the plaque buildups.

orange peels

Here’s how to apply:

· Take out peels of one orange and wash it well.

· Blend the peels until it becomes a fine paste.

· Directly apply the paste on your teeth and wait for at least 10 minutes.

Alternatively, you can just rub the peels on your teeth before going to bed and leave it through the night then rinse of f the next morning when you wake up.

4. Sesame Seeds

Here is another effective way to pull out plaque buildups on your teeth. The seeds are available in supermarkets and other convenience stores. The easiest way to applying sesame seeds is chewing them. Chewing can act as an agent to remove layers.

5. Baking Soda

Thanks to exfoliating benefit, baking soda can be a tool to remove plaque. To make the most of baking soda, you can use it as toothpaste.

baking soda 2

Here’s how you should do:

· Wet your toothbrush before using.

· Create a mixture of baking soda and salt follow 1:1

· Soak the toothbrush into the mixture.

· Brush your teeth thoroughly then rinse off with water.

· Repeat this twice a day every day of possible.

6. Aloe Vera And Glycerine.

Glycerine effective in scrubbing and aloe vera can be a soothing agent, which can make them a great mixture.

Here’s how to apply:

· In a cup, mix aloe vera gel and vegetable glycerine follow 1:4 ratio.

· Add few drops of essential oil into the mixture.

· Rub the paste on your teeth and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

· Store the mixture in a cup and put them in a fridge for using again.

7. Figs


If others fail to get rid of plaque, you probably need to use this before seeing your dentists. Figs are excellent in pulling out the plaque. The tricks with figs are just chewing them to accelerate the saliva flows to prevent plaque.

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