Anyone that has suffered toothache may know that how hurt it can be. And the situation is even worse for children.  We all know that they can have new teeth when they grow up but then, the suffering is painful and annoying. Most people will take them to see their dentist right away but they don’t know that by themselves they can help your child by some home remedies for toothache.

Following are most common and effective ways that they can give them a try before seeing doctors.

1. Salt water

Salt water is a great ingredient for oral problems. The most common way to use salt water is to use it as a mouthwash. Just make it as simple as possible since they can be used for your child.


  • Add 2 teaspoons of salt in a cup.
  • Dissolve them by filling the cup with water.
  • Make your child swish around as long as possible.
  • Spit it out and repeat twice a day.

2. Tea Tree Oil

The oil is rich in antiseptic properties that can kill bacteria in the mouth. Plus it can also prevent bacteria to spread out and worsen the toothache.

Tea Tree Oil

  • Add few drops of tea tree oil to a cotton ball.
  • Hold it against the toothache for a while when wash your mouth.

Alternatively, you can use tea tree oil as mouthwash.

  • In a cup of lukewarm water add few drops of tea tree oil.
  • Swish the solution around then spit it out.
  • Repeat this twice a day within a month.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon has antioxidant and acidic properties that can prevent toothache from spreading. To your child, you can make them take lemon juice by apply the followings:

lemon juice 1

  • Cut one lemon into slices.
  • Make your child directly bite them to get the juice.
  • To make it easier to use, you can add few drops of honey to the taste.

4. Onion

Onion is great in treating toothache. But for the child, it may be difficult to use. That what you persuasion skill is used for to make your child take them. The trick with onion is quite simple:


  • Cut one fresh onion into slices.
  • Hold in your mouth for at least 15 minutes.
  • It is better if your child can chew them.
  • Wash your mouth with water/ mouthwash to remove the smell.

5. AppleCider Vinegar

This versatile ingredient can serve as toothache treatment. It can both reduce the pain as well as prevent inflammation in your mouth. Similar to tea tree oil, you can use a cotton ball soaked with Apple Cider Vinegar to hold against toothache area. Repeat the process several times a day.

6. Peppermint leaves

The leaves have antioxidant properties as well as anti inflammatory ingredients. You can either directly chew some fresh Peppermint leaves or use dried leaves.

peppermint 2

  • Grind dried Peppermint leaves until it become powder.
  • Add few drops of water and hold them against toothache areas.
  • Swish your mouth with water after that.

7. Ginger

Another available ingredient you can find to treat toothache is ginger. You will need some ginger roots for the best results:


  • Thoroughly wash a piece of ginger root.
  • Chew them carefully in your mouth for 15 minutes.
  • Gargle it with mouth wash after that.
  • Repeat at least twice a day if possible.