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The loss of hair is something that irritates or scares everyone. What most people don’t understand is that there is a fine line between hair thinning and hair loss, and the specific cases need to be identified if you want to cater to it accordingly. It is a renowned fact that hair loss is somewhat associated with old age, but when we speak of thinning, it should be noticed that it can strike the individual any time during his lifetime.

Out of the many predictable causes behind this issue, there seems to be an addition that has been present since the beginning of time, but escaped the eyes of the audience. It has been seen that there are certain hairstyles that can cause shedding without any particular sign, apart from the receding hairline, or thinning in specific areas of the head. However, you may or may not find the time to scan your scalp closely on your own, which is why it is better that you notice other signs, or simply avoid the hairstyles that are leading your hair to destruction.

Doing experiments like dying the hair with a dye, that uses ammonia, and braiding on a daily basis, not only harms the health and condition of the hair, but also makes them thin. Apart from that, you should remember that not every hair type can bear the same amount of stress laid upon them. Braids, in whichever form you are considering, cause exceptional damage to the hair. Sleeping with your hair tied up tightly can even lead you to losing your hair in clumps. Try the loose braids instead of tight fishtails and make sure to let your hair fall loose when you are going to sleep.

Traction alopecia is the commonly growing problem that connects to the hairstyle form of hair thinning or hair loss clinic Dubai. Therefore, even if you don’t style your hair on a daily basis, make certain to get your case checked once you notice the signs of hair thinning. Tight buns, excessive use of gel and hair spray, sleeping with bobby pins in your head, or while your hair is tied, can originate thinning. Apart from that, heat styling on a regular basis drags us down to the similar issues, while damaging the tips of the hair resulting in split ends.

Instead of getting a haircut every once in a while, try to treat the problem naturally. Furthermore, if you have already lost a good amount of hair to thinning, then an efficient possible option for you to consider is the non-surgical hair replacement system in UAE. You can enjoy the new hair as you would have enjoyed your own strands, with the volume, color, and length according to your choice. In addition to that, it does absolutely no damage to the existing hair on the head, in its place, it takes cue from them so as to provide you with the experience that had a few years ago!

Getting fit isn’t all that complicated. You commit to a routine, employ a variety of exercises and stick with it. Beyond that there are certain things you can do to help your cause and other things you should avoid in a bid to stay focused. We’ll look at both sides as we encourage you to pursue healthful living.

  1. Choose fresh. The best foods for you are fresh foods. Make a habit of visiting local supermarkets, farm stands and farmers markets to learn what is available to you. When fresh food is not available, bagged fruits and vegetables are a good choice. Avoid canned as these foods are typically loaded with preservatives and contain too much sugar or salt, sometimes both.
  2. Avoid self punishment. You will make mistakes as you pursue a fit lifestyle. Here, you want to avoid punishing yourself and, instead, learn from your mistakes or poor choices and move on. Life is too short to dwell on the negative.
  3. Make it yourself. The best foods are fresh and the best way to prepare these foods is to do it yourself. You may need to take a cooking class to get started here or to follow a few simple recipes. Expect that your first attempts won’t be particularly spectacular, but you will improve in your food preparation over time.
  4. Get enough sleep. Eat right and exercise. That’s two components associated with sound fitness. A third component is rest, what your body needs to rejuvenate. Ensure that sleep is never sacrificed, that you get the 6 to 8 hours of sound rest your body requires every night. Avoid burning themidnight oil.
  5. Drink more water than ever. For the optimum in fitness you need to drink water like it is going out of style. The actively fit person should be drinking at least a half gallon of water per day. That means at least eight cups. Coffee and tea are fine as long as you limit your sugar and cream intakes. Avoid soda, fruit drinks and juices. One to two glasses of skim milk daily is fine too.


  1. Stay balanced. Balance your diet and exercise routine for a true fitness regimen. Don’t do one apart from the other nor should you pursue one the expense of the other. Seek balance and you’ll have a healthy body and lifestyle


  1. Get a handle on stress. If your life is marked by stress, it can take a silent toll on your body. While exercising can offset some of those effects, you will benefit most by tackling your stress. This can mean a big change in your routine, even a change in your job.
  2. Enjoy it as you do it. Do you like your exercise regimen? If it is more drudge than anything, then it is time to mix things up. This can mean exchanging swimming for running, handball for tennis, squats for push ups, and so on. It might also mean working with an exercise partner to help you both reach your goals.


  1. Keep your eyes on the prize. Why do you exercise? For what purpose? What are your goals? Quite easily, you may not be focused correctly here — it is important that you grasp that fitness is a journey, not just a destination. Enjoy the prize now and pursue even greater prizes moving forward.

You are already on the right path when you pursue a healthy lifestyle. Keep at it and you will enjoy benefits that extend to other parts of your life. Active people are more prosperous people too, and are more likely to have satisfying relationships to go with that.

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At the thought of aquatic life RO buddie what always come to mind is a 3-stage reverse oxygen units that supplies pure and filtered water with the use of carbon and sediment cartridges that have a membrane. However, the different units have small footprints. The essence of the tiny footprints is to enhance easy placement even when the areas are tight. Furthermore, they have up-front sediments and carbon cartridges that are always easy to change with fast connections. Usually, the membrane filters are quick and easy to maintain. Again, the system has affordable and functional features that are in compact design that are very reliable and also economically easy to maintain.

Reverse osmosis

This is one of the water purification systems that are used by many people virtually in all parts of the world. This is basically because it has been specially designed and has the capacity to purify and provide clean and also healthy water without actually using any form of chemical for purification. However, this system has different stages in which the water is cleaned so as to eventually give you well purified water. This however will go as far as ensuring that you and your family are healthy. It is note worthy to know that a very large number of the deadly contaminants that causes illness are removed in the stage with a semi-permeable membrane. As the water passes through this membrane, a pressure of about 35 psi is applied. There are different models of aquatic life reverse osmosis buddie. More so, the differences in the models are as a result of differences in the different stages that are usually used in purifying water.  However, the most general and highly used stage is the stage 3 RO buddie. This is because it is used to get rid of harmful and unwanted contaminants in running water for places with saline water. Saline water is dangerous in that it inhibits some plants growth while on some other plants, it causes stunted growth. This stage of RO can be out rightly used to purify water in large scales. It is pertinent to know that one of the most important uses of this stage of RO buddie water purification system is that aquarium managers use it to supply clean and chemical free water that they used to support aquatic life. The reason is that some chemicals are dangerous and leads to the death of some marine life like fish. Just as the name implies, the 3 stage RO buddie water purification system have three stages. These stages are:

  • The carbon pre-filter
  • The reverse osmosis membrane and
  • The post filter.

It is however advisable that if you already have this 3-stage RO buddie water purification system, or you are thinking of buying it simply because it is economical you should make a change in it and include an ultraviolet purification stage. The essence is to ensure that you get highly purified water for use. Again, for your system to serve you better and longer, proper maintenance culture should be adopted.


Being a night owl is one of the most commonly seen practices these days and more often with the youngsters. It is fun being a night owl but very few realize how the habit of being awake entire night can affect their health.

Human life cycle is created on a certain routine basis and it is appropriate to sleep during the nights when there is an increased production of melatonin hormone. Reversing the regular cycle of the body can harm the normal functioning of the organs.

There are many habits which make us be awake in the night. Some of those can be easily changed while some might be difficult. Nevertheless, making changes in our lifestyle keeps us healthy on a long run.

Here are some tips to change your habits of being a night owl and have a good sleep to stay healthy.

Schedule sleeping hours

You must have heard “early to bed, early to rise” the most famous proverb. It was one of the best practices since age old days. Manage a regular timing as sleep hours, and do not bring any other issue to bed when it is time to sleep. Time management plays a big role to follow it. But, health is important and sleeping in time is a must rule in anyone’s life.

Regular health check ups

Due to certain medical condition sleep can be difficult in the nights. It is very much necessary to have a routine health check up after the age of 30 for both men and women. Talk to your medical adviser in case of any conditions which could be a reason for lack of sleep. Improper sleep at nights makes a person irritable and tired most of his day which can worsen the health conditions.

Proper food and exercise

The food we eat plays a vital role in our sleep patterns. If some foods put you to sleep instantly, some other foods can keep you awake. Eat healthy and hygienic foods that keep you strong to work energetically in your day and make you wind up all your works on schedule to bed time. Exercise and keep your body fit. Any kind of exercise or work out should not be done just before sleeping hours as it can make awake late at night.

Say no to Caffeine

Well, we all know that caffeine consumption before bed time can keep you up for hours. You might have done that while early college days to be awake and study in the night. But, all the same it is not a healthy habit. Caffeine intake should be cut down after noon hours and especially before going to bed. Caffeine ingredients reduce the sleep and can keep you awake for hours late in the night.

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Military personnel require a special type of a shoe that gives them the protection they need while enabling them carry out their tasks comfortably. Nike military boots are lightweight, comfortable and perform superbly better than many types of boots. It is well designed and its sturdy characteristic makes it a better choice for many people.

The shoes are made of strong synthetic leather covering thus making it very durable. When washed, it does not take long to dry. This makes it a superb choice for someone who does not have a lot of time to waste waiting for a shoe to dry. It fits the needs of a person who is constantly moving!

Air moves in and out courtesy of the numerous ventilation holes that are available. This makes it possible for the feet to breathe effectively. The holes for ventilation also ensure that the show drains faster when washed or when you step on water. The level of flexibility that comes with this special foot attire is beyond comprehension.

This running shoe could be used to force doors open through kicking. The bots are among the best hiking shoes which the market has to offer. The outer sole is truly Nike inspired and takes care of both traction and natural motion. It is a shoe that could be used in all sorts of terrains without many problems. Slippage is reduced by the existence of rubber forefoot.

On the design front, no other running shoe comes close. The shoe has been designed with the needs of first responders, runners and other frequent users in mind. It does not get punctured easily, thanks to modern technology that has played a great part in the design of the shoe. The middle section is well cushioned thus making it comfortable.

The design is way ahead of many running shoes that are available in the market. It is tough and puncture proof hence can be used in any terrain without any problem. The latest technology has been applied in their manufacture. Some specific areas such as the middle and other high impact parts have been padded to make it comfortable.

With a long history, Nike military boots have become an attractive choice to many people who need real value for their money. Nike military boots have highly developed reputation that has been earned over time. Many people have used the shoe over time and are recommending the same to other people. Anytime you need a good shoe, you can count on it.

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If you are looking for a top-of-the line baby double stroller that is good for you, your baby, and the environment, then you should take a look at the UPPAbaby Vista stroller.  This luxury eco friendly stroller offers all of the features you need in a non-toxic format that is better for your baby and the environment.


When it comes to safety, the UPPAbaby Vista offers all of the features that you would be looking for.  You can use this eco-friendly stroller from day one thanks to the included bassinet.  Once your child has outgrown that feature, the UPPAbaby Vista offers a car seat attachment that allows you to use it with the infant carrier of your choice.  From there, your child will be buckled securely in a five-point harness in the rumble seat that seats up to a 50 pound child.

We love that the UPPAbaby Vista stroller is eco-friendly as well.  The frame is made out of lightweight aluminum, which is not only user-friendly but avoids the gas emissions known to be emitted by plastic strollers.  The bassinet is fully lined with organic soybean and cotton materials so that it is not only comfortable for your little one but safe of any chemical exposure as well.


The UPPAbaby Vista is going to stand out in the crowd with its bright color options and modern styling, but you get so much more than looks when it comes to this stroller.

This eco-friendly stroller is relatively lightweight, and we love that it has so many options for riding.  You can use it with the included bassinet, the car seat of your choice, and on its own as a stroller.  Even better, the seat of the stroller can be flipped around so that your child is facing you.

We love that the UPPAbaby Vista folds up small.  It can be carried in its own carry bag, which is about the size of medium duffel like you would take to the gym.  This means that it easily fits into the trunk of the car, onto busses, and up and down stairs.  The only disadvantage to this is that you have to remove the wheels, which can be a bit of a pain.

The seat of the UPPAbaby Vista does recline, allowing your little one to take a nap on the go.  The nice-sized storage basket can still be accessed when the stroller is reclined.  We do wish that the stroller had included a cup holder for the price, but UPPAbaby does sell an optional one that you can attach.


We love how easy the UPPAbaby Vista folds up compactly, making it great for parents on the go.  We do wish that you didn’t have to remove the wheels to do so, but that is a small price to pay for convenience.  The fact that this eco-friendly stroller has three different seating options means that you have plenty of options no matter how old your child is.

We do wish that the stroller had included a little more storage and features like a parent tray for the price.


The UPPAbaby Vista is definitely designed for smooth surfaces.  If the ground is too uneven, the stroller tends to bounce, which can jostle the baby.  This is particularly true when they are rear facing.

Other than that, the ride is quite comfortable for them.  The bassinet is lined with an organic soybean and cotton blend that is quite soft, and the seat of the stroller is padded.  With the adjustable recline our child can take a nap quite easily.

For pushing, the UPPAbaby Vista turns like a dream.  The handle is taller than a lot of strollers that we looked at, so even my husband can push it easily.  It is a little on the heavy side when you have the car seat attached, but this is true of most strollers we’ve looked at.

Not Ideal for:

This is a luxury stroller, so it is not ideal for parents on a budget.  Also is not ideal for someone looking to jog or go off-roading.


The price tag is the biggest disadvantage of this stroller, and many parents will have a bit of sticker shock at the $700 price tag.  However, when you compare its features to that of other luxury strollers, the UPPAbaby Vista is actually quite affordable for its class.

Bottom Line:

We love how beautiful the UPPAbaby Vista looks, how easy it is to use at all stages, as well as the fact that it is great for the environment.  This company has gone out of its way to design a stroller that will make everyone happy. Read more for more reviews



For a light-weight umbrella stroller that you can take anywhere and feel good doing so, the UPPAbaby G-Luxe is an amazing choice.  At just 11 pounds, this stroller is the lightest reclining umbrella stroller you can buy.  Even better, the UPPAbaby Company is just as devoted to the environment as they are to their products, so you can feel good about using this stroller with your little one.


As a lightweight stroller, the UPPAbaby G-Luxe earns a “good” rating from Consumer Reports.  The stroller does feature a five-point harness, which is the ideal way to fasten your child in when you are on the go.  The harness buckles over the shoulders, between the legs, and across the lap for maximum security.

Another great feature of the UPPAbaby G-Luxe is its aluminum frame.  Not only is this frame lightweight, but it is also kind to the environment.  Aluminum does not give off hazardous gasses like some plastics can, plus it is recyclable once you are done with your stroller.


The UPPAbaby G-Luxe looks like an umbrella stroller with a modern edge.  UPPAbaby offers you a couple of different color choices to choose from so that you can find something that you like.

The UPPAbaby G-Luxe is the lightest, full-reclining umbrella stroller that you will find on the market.  This makes it amazing for on the go with your child, as you can easily fold it up and take it with you.  This eco-friendly stroller even provides you with a stroller strap, making it easy to take with you on public transportation.

The sunshade is rated SPF 50, so you know your little one is covered from the harmful rays while they are sitting in there.  The UPPAbaby also has a storage basket and a cup holder for mom or dad.  Just be careful hanging anything from the handles, as the lightweight design of the UPPAbaby G-Luxe means that it can tip if something heavy is hung from the handles.


The UPPAbaby G-Luxe is so lightweight that it is very convenient for parents who want an eco-friendly stroller for on the go.  It can be folded up and taken on the plane, bus, or thrown in a car trunk with no issues.

However, the small size of this stroller means that you do not have a lot of extra storage space, so if you want to spend the day out you might need to take a backpack with you to carry everything.  It also is not ideal for newborns as it does not fold completely flat.


For an umbrella stroller, the UPPAbaby G-Luxe is quite comfortable.  It pushes amazingly well, and is easy to push around the neighborhood and around racks at the store.  We do wish that the handles were adjustable as it would have made this stroller even more comfortable for my husband.

For the child, the reclining seat of the UPPAbaby G-Luxe is a great feature.  The seat is a breathable mesh so you don’t have to worry about your baby getting too warm in the summer, and the shoulder straps are padded for added comfort.

Not Ideal for:

This stroller is not ideal for parents who want something that they can use from birth.  Its lightweight design is also not designed for off-roading.


The fact that you will have to wait until your little one is at least 3 months old is one of the disadvantages of this stroller – it would have been great to use this from the very first day out.  The lack of storage space can also be frustrating when we are out shopping.

Bottom Line:

We love the UPPAbaby G-Luxe for its portability. We also love that UPPAbaby cares as much about the environment that we do.  While this stroller may lack in some of the frills, it definitely makes up for it in convenience. For more reviews visit


We all enjoy soft fabrics, but do human bodies enjoy commercial fabric softeners?

Fabric softener is one of those washing items that seem innocent enough to use them for our laundry softening. Let’s give it a second thought now.   All fabric softeners are actually harboring a variety of harsh chemicals that can be avoided by using natural, readily available substances.

So, we do not advise you not to soften your clothing. On the contrary, we only suggest that you do that in another, much safer manner. We know that softening fabrics and making them smell great and fresh is an essential part of doing laundry. We agree that nothing is better than apparel that is as soft as velvet and smells great, but there is no need to expose your body to the chemicals that are often found in commercial fabric softeners.

What is the toxic substance used in most commercial fabric softeners?

Most commercial fabric softeners contain benzyl acetate, which has been linked to pancreatic cancer when inhaled or when it comes in contact with human skin. Not to mention, most fabric softeners are made from petroleum based chemicals!

Benefits of making your own homemade fabric softener

The greatest benefit of making your own fabric softener is that it is entirely natural. The second gain is its inexpensiveness. With a few simple substances (everyone already keeps in their kitchen) you can make your own scent-enhancing fabric softener and brag to your friends about it!

How to prepare your own fabric softener

Perhaps you already know that Epsom salts have a dozen of household uses. One of those uses is to make a fabric softener.  All you need to make your very own fabric softener is Epsom salts (or alternatively sea salts), your favorite essential oils, and the powerful baking soda.


Take 2 cups of Epsom salts and put it in a glass container with a sealable lid. Right after that add 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oils for scent. Lemon or lavender are both great scent-enhancers as they have a fresh, clean and fragrant smell.
Add in a half a cup of baking soda and shake the jar very well to mix and combine everything together. Add 2-3 tablespoons of the mix to each load of laundry and let it soak before you run your laundry cycle. The Epsom or sea salts will naturally soften the fabric, while the baking soda is great for removing stains and disinfecting the garment. The essential oils soak in the clothing so that, once it has been washed and dried, it will have a great, natural smell.

You can add more baking soda for heavily stained clothing, and you can experiment with different scents to see what pleases you most. This all-natural homemade product will quickly replace store-bought fabric softeners, and aside from saving money, you will find out that this home-produced variety of fabric softener actually works better!

We are positive that a great majority of you will welcome this “customized” softener for your tedious chores!


When you notice that you are suffering abnormally frequent state of headache, over anxiety, dizziness or excessive sweating, it is highly possible that you are going down with high cortisol (1). Facts have shown that the main reason of high cortisol is too much stress for such a long time. Moreover, people may also suffer from high cortisol due to sudden changes in hormonal level or the lack of nutritional elements. Equally important, high cortisol can also link to many other problems such as high blood pressure or panic attack. Therefore, it is always necessary to address this problem right from its beginning.

While some people take medicine to remove annoying symptoms caused by high cortisol, other can rely on many natural home remedies which require only simple ingredients. These treatments are receiving more and more high evaluation because they are not only effective but also really economical.

1. Black Tea

black tea

People, especially Asian people love drinking black tea. Although this passionate kind of tea contains a certain amount of caffeine which may do harm to our health, scientist proves that consuming black tea daily can even reduce high cortisol. However, remember that you should drink 2 cups of black tea a day, do not abuse it.

2. Berries


No one can resist a temptation called berries. These wonderful fruits are said to be so beneficial for skin care process. Equally important, vitamin C found in berries will also lower the amount of high cortisol well. That’s why people have been eating berries including strawberries, blackberries, blueberries to reduce stress for years.

3. Sleep

As mentioned before, the lack of sleep can contribute to the increase of high cortisol in your body. Particular, sleeping is the time when your body is recovered from a day full of work. Therefore, if you do not sleep enough, you are in danger of losing energy to work efficiently and deal with stress in the next day. And that’s how high cortisol annoys you. To be safe, you are advised to take a good sleep prolonging at least 7-9 hours. Do not force yourself work continuously without taking a rest, you will suffer from catastrophic consequences in the future.

4. Water


It is clear that water is an indispensible element which people have to absorb daily. Without water for a long time, people may feel extremely tired and this process may lead to cortisol. As a result, you should provide yourself with enough liquid each day to be awake and work effectively.

5. Garlic

No one is unfamiliar with garlic. This popular ingredient is applied to treat many diseases such as heart attack, headache, fever, common cold and especially high cortisol. Particularly, it is said that when your body is provided with enough amount of nitric oxide and testosterone, it can automatically prevent factor causing stress and depression. And garlic is proved to be great source of these elements. Moreover, this natural home remedy can also accelerate healing process perfectly.

6. Oyster


The list of treatments for high cortisol will not be complete without the presence of oyster, Facts have shown that people eating oyster regularly are less likely to suffer from high cortisol than one who hates eating this animal. Specifically, oyster consists of aphrodisiac which has ability to remove stressful hormone well. Thus, you are recommended to ea oyster 2-3 times a week.

7. Massage

It is as easy as massage and its effects are obvious. Massage is applied to reduce stress remarkably, therefore, it becomes one of the best solutions for high cortisol. You can choose many types of oil such as lavender oil, rose oil or coconut oil to massage your head slowly in 15 minutes before going to bed. This habit will enable you to sleep better and reduce factors releasing high cortisol perfectly.

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Panic attacks often appear during the time of too much stress when people feel over-anxious about something. During the time of panic attacks, people usually think about bad happenings although they don’t survive in fact. People going down with panic attacks usually suffer from extremely short breath, unstable heartbeat and serious state of headache, which is so dangerous.

The treatment for panic attacks often depends on its complexity. If you experience continuous scare without reasons, you should go to doctors for consultation. However, once your disease is just at the beginning, you can make use of some natural home remedies to be safe.

1. Slow Breathing

Whenever you find yourself feel over-anxious about something too long, you should take a slow as well as deep breath. This action can help oxygen into your body more effectively, calm your muscle and eliminate other signs of panic attacks.

  • Have a relaxing pose of seat
  • Slowly take a deep breath
  • Use your mouth to exhale gradually
  • Think about positive happenings
  • Do like this many times

2. Valerian

People love valerian because it owns an attractive smell which we cannot resist. More than a normal flower, valerian can assist us a lot is removing panic attacks from our mind. The habit of drinking valerian will support you to sleep easily as well as keep your nervous system calm. Therefore, you will feel better soon.


  • Chop some valerian roots
  • Put them into a cup of water
  • Boil the solution in 5-10 minutes
  • Sip it slowly

3. Hot Bath

Taking a hot bath is another recommendation for anyone suffering from panic attacks. In particular, this remedy let you feel totally relaxed, reduce stressful level as well as lead you to sleep easily.

4. Green Tea

The habit of drinking tea benefits people al lot, especially in calming your mind. Therefore, green tea will do good in treating panic attacks. This drink will provide you minerals as well as beneficial vitamins to fight against factors causing panic attacks well.

  • Prepare some spoons of green tea
  • Put them into hot water in 5 minutes
  • Strain the solution
  • Put some honey and lemon juice into it
  • Allow yourself to sip the drink while it’s still warm

5. Do Exercise


It is hard for one who is always busy with work is safe from stress as well as panic attacks. Therefore, only when you get out of stress, can you reduce panic attack’s symptoms. It is recommended that you should engage yourself with a number of exercise lessons, it’s beneficial for not only your overall health but also your mind.

6. Orange Juice


Orange is a great source of vitamin C – a beneficial element which can fight against panic attacks well. Therefore, orange juice can become useful treatment for this disease. Moreover, the habit of drinking orange juice will also give you relaxing feeling as well as keep blood pressure stable, which is so good for your overall health.

7. Bean


Doctors advise that bean should be totally included in the list of treatments for panic attack because it is great source of both vitamin B1 and protein – 2 elements indispensible for the treatment of panic attacks. Therefore, people will be kept awake and not influenced much by a number of difficulties or stressful state.

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