How To Remove Scars

Scar is the factor of concern for almost everybody because it causes people to feel unconfident as well as embarrassed easily, especially scars in face. People can suffer from scars after serious accidents or this problem can result as the leftover or hateful blemishes. The size of scar is various, ranging from tiny to extremely large, however, whether a scar is big or small, it still makes us self-conscious. Although scar can become lighter through time, it seems that no one can wait. Therefore, people always desire for a quick solution to this problem.

To remove scars, many of us spend large money on buying expensive cosmetic products, however, they are sometimes not safe to use and leave number of side effects. A good news is that people can make use of some simple remedies coming from nature to say goodbye scars quickly.

1. Aloe Vera

It is not difficult to find the presence of aloe vera in many beauty products. That fact proves that aloe vera is a wonderful remedy for many skin problems including scars. In particular, thanks to antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory substances in aloe vera, dead skin cells will be removed. Moreover, this natural ingredient can almost encourage skin to grow healthier and healthier. You will be very happy to witness incredible changes taken in your skin.

aloe vera

  • Peel some aloe vera leaves to take out its gel
  • Use the gel to mask your scar areas
  • Wait for 25-30 minutes
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water
  • Do like this many times and enjoy gradual effects it brings

2. Coconut Oil

Nowadays, people can find that markets are flooded with number of scar-removing creams. If we give a try to see what the most popular ingredient in these products is, the answer will be definitely coconut. In fact, all beneficial substance which are regarded as so helpful for removing scars are found in coconut oil. Moreover, coconut oil is so rich in acidity, thus, it can accelerate healing process perfectly.

  • Put some coconut oil under average heat in 5 minutes
  • Use the solution to massage skin with scars slowly and gently
  • Leave it on 1-2 hours to allow your skin consume it
  • Do like this as many times as possible

3. Toothpaste

Toothpaste 1

Toothpaste is used not only for brushing your teeth but also treating scars. Simply have some toothpaste cover your scars and massage it in 30 minutes before removing by water. You will be surprised at incredible outcomes toothpaste brings for sure.

4. Water

When your body lack of water, it will not have ability to take care of scars well, therefore, you are suggested to drink water regularly to get rid of scars.

5. Tea Tree Oil

The habit of using tea tree oil can help remove scar naturally and effectively. In particular, in addition to whitening effect, the anti-inflammatory elements of tea tree oil can successfully manage skin conditions and promote scars disappear quickly.

  • Have a mixture of tea tree oil and water with 2:1 ratio
  • Use this to apply into scars in 30 minutes
  • Clean it by warm water

6. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is not a strange name in many beauty tips. Unexceptionally, it appears in the list of home remedies for scars. Specifically, sandalwood consists of regenerating as well as soothing qualities, as a result, it can remove scars well.


  • Apply a spoon of sandalwood oil to half a spoon of lavender oil
  • Mix them together
  • Use the mixture to cover your skin areas with scar
  • Massage in 30 minutes
  • Wash off with clean water

7. Yogurt

yogurt 2

If you are feeling fearful about the dense appearance of scars, you can consider taking advantage of yogurt to treat this problem. The habit of eating yogurt each day can strengthen body’s ability to remove scars well. Another way of using yogurt can be applying it directly into scars then removing it after 30 minutes with cool water.

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