Panic attacks often appear during the time of too much stress when people feel over-anxious about something. During the time of panic attacks, people usually think about bad happenings although they don’t survive in fact. People going down with panic attacks usually suffer from extremely short breath, unstable heartbeat and serious state of headache, which is so dangerous.

The treatment for panic attacks often depends on its complexity. If you experience continuous scare without reasons, you should go to doctors for consultation. However, once your disease is just at the beginning, you can make use of some natural home remedies to be safe.

1. Slow Breathing

Whenever you find yourself feel over-anxious about something too long, you should take a slow as well as deep breath. This action can help oxygen into your body more effectively, calm your muscle and eliminate other signs of panic attacks.

  • Have a relaxing pose of seat
  • Slowly take a deep breath
  • Use your mouth to exhale gradually
  • Think about positive happenings
  • Do like this many times

2. Valerian

People love valerian because it owns an attractive smell which we cannot resist. More than a normal flower, valerian can assist us a lot is removing panic attacks from our mind. The habit of drinking valerian will support you to sleep easily as well as keep your nervous system calm. Therefore, you will feel better soon.


  • Chop some valerian roots
  • Put them into a cup of water
  • Boil the solution in 5-10 minutes
  • Sip it slowly

3. Hot Bath

Taking a hot bath is another recommendation for anyone suffering from panic attacks. In particular, this remedy let you feel totally relaxed, reduce stressful level as well as lead you to sleep easily.

4. Green Tea

The habit of drinking tea benefits people al lot, especially in calming your mind. Therefore, green tea will do good in treating panic attacks. This drink will provide you minerals as well as beneficial vitamins to fight against factors causing panic attacks well.

  • Prepare some spoons of green tea
  • Put them into hot water in 5 minutes
  • Strain the solution
  • Put some honey and lemon juice into it
  • Allow yourself to sip the drink while it’s still warm

5. Do Exercise


It is hard for one who is always busy with work is safe from stress as well as panic attacks. Therefore, only when you get out of stress, can you reduce panic attack’s symptoms. It is recommended that you should engage yourself with a number of exercise lessons, it’s beneficial for not only your overall health but also your mind.

6. Orange Juice


Orange is a great source of vitamin C – a beneficial element which can fight against panic attacks well. Therefore, orange juice can become useful treatment for this disease. Moreover, the habit of drinking orange juice will also give you relaxing feeling as well as keep blood pressure stable, which is so good for your overall health.

7. Bean


Doctors advise that bean should be totally included in the list of treatments for panic attack because it is great source of both vitamin B1 and protein – 2 elements indispensible for the treatment of panic attacks. Therefore, people will be kept awake and not influenced much by a number of difficulties or stressful state.

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