How To Get Rid Of Infection Naturally

When you go down with serious state of bacterial infections, it is necessary that you have to take medicine. And medicine that are used to get rid of this trouble are called antibiotics. Facts have shown that with the assistance coming from antibiotics, the development of bacterial responsible for any kinds of diseases related to infections such as ear infections, stomach ache, ringworm, yeast infection. There are several types of antibiotics, each of which may be suitable to eliminate a certain kind of bacterial. Therefore, doctor often focuses on the very cause of infection to decide which antibiotics should be applied. However, in facts, antibiotics are only beneficial for the fight against bacteria. Other diseases resulting from viruses such as cold, flu, coughing or sore throats can be defeated by them. Moreover, the overuse of antibiotics may lead to side effects on people’s body, which is so dangerous. A good news is that along with medicines advised by doctors, people can combine with using some natural antibiotics to save yourself from the threat of viral or fungal infections effectively.

1. Garlic

It is said that garlic is a natural kind of antibiotics which can be used to treat bacterial infections effectively. The combination of anti-fungal and antibiotic found in garlic enables it to act as an enemy to any roots responsible for not only viral but also fungal infection. Moreover, garlic is so rich in various types of vitamins as well as minerals, therefore, our health will be promoted much while using it. All of what you have to do is eating raw garlic or simply adding it into your daily dishes.

garlic 2

2. Honey

Many scientists agree that honey is one of the most effective natural antibiotics elements. In particular, honey creates favorable conditions for the fight against infection, thus, there is no chance for bacterial to grow and annoy us. Only one thing that you need to take notice while using honey is that you should only apply raw and organic honey.

  • Get a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder then drink the solution 1-2 times a day
  • Alternatively, simply put some drops of honey into tea or your daily drink

3. Olive Leaf Extract

Olive is well known for its antibiotic impacts, therefore, people have been using this natural ingredient to fight infections for ages. Furthermore, olive leaf extract is also a great source of anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial properties which can accelerate healing process perfectly.

olive oil 5

  • Have some olive leaves
  • Chop them carefully
  • Put them into a jar which has a lid
  • Let vodka cover the leaves
  • Wait for 4-5 weeks
  • Strain the solution, using clean towel
  • Use it for external usage

4. Turmeric

According to many experts, turmeric is so rich in antibiotic elements, thus, it can kill bacteria blamed for many kinds of infection and strengthen the health of your immune system well.

turmeric 3

  • Get a mixture of turmeric powder and honey with 1:6 ratio
  • Keep them into a glass jar
  • Absorb a spoon of the mixture 3-4 times a day

5. Echinacea

If you are struggling against bacterial infection, you are highly recommended to use Echinacea. This special kind of herb can support your immune system a lot in fighting against any causes leading to infection. All of what you have to do is drinking Echinacea supplements 1-2 times daily. Don’t forget to consult doctors carefully before applying this recipe.

6. Goldenseal

People love using goldenseal not only because it has passionate taste but also it can act as natural antibiotics. It is said that any kinds of infection will disappear quickly if they are attacked by a substance called berberine. And goldenseal is so rich in berberine.

  • Prepare boiling water
  • Add a spoon of goldenseal powder into the solution
  • Strain it
  • Sip the solution slowly

7. Neem


Neem or scientifically called Indian lilac can have great impacts on treating bacterial or fungal infections without causing side effects. Moreover, people can also take advantage of neem to say goodbye blemishes well.

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