How To Get Rid Of High Cortisol

When you notice that you are suffering abnormally frequent state of headache, over anxiety, dizziness or excessive sweating, it is highly possible that you are going down with high cortisol (1). Facts have shown that the main reason of high cortisol is too much stress for such a long time. Moreover, people may also suffer from high cortisol due to sudden changes in hormonal level or the lack of nutritional elements. Equally important, high cortisol can also link to many other problems such as high blood pressure or panic attack. Therefore, it is always necessary to address this problem right from its beginning.

While some people take medicine to remove annoying symptoms caused by high cortisol, other can rely on many natural home remedies which require only simple ingredients. These treatments are receiving more and more high evaluation because they are not only effective but also really economical.

1. Black Tea

black tea

People, especially Asian people love drinking black tea. Although this passionate kind of tea contains a certain amount of caffeine which may do harm to our health, scientist proves that consuming black tea daily can even reduce high cortisol. However, remember that you should drink 2 cups of black tea a day, do not abuse it.

2. Berries


No one can resist a temptation called berries. These wonderful fruits are said to be so beneficial for skin care process. Equally important, vitamin C found in berries will also lower the amount of high cortisol well. That’s why people have been eating berries including strawberries, blackberries, blueberries to reduce stress for years.

3. Sleep

As mentioned before, the lack of sleep can contribute to the increase of high cortisol in your body. Particular, sleeping is the time when your body is recovered from a day full of work. Therefore, if you do not sleep enough, you are in danger of losing energy to work efficiently and deal with stress in the next day. And that’s how high cortisol annoys you. To be safe, you are advised to take a good sleep prolonging at least 7-9 hours. Do not force yourself work continuously without taking a rest, you will suffer from catastrophic consequences in the future.

4. Water


It is clear that water is an indispensible element which people have to absorb daily. Without water for a long time, people may feel extremely tired and this process may lead to cortisol. As a result, you should provide yourself with enough liquid each day to be awake and work effectively.

5. Garlic

No one is unfamiliar with garlic. This popular ingredient is applied to treat many diseases such as heart attack, headache, fever, common cold and especially high cortisol. Particularly, it is said that when your body is provided with enough amount of nitric oxide and testosterone, it can automatically prevent factor causing stress and depression. And garlic is proved to be great source of these elements. Moreover, this natural home remedy can also accelerate healing process perfectly.

6. Oyster


The list of treatments for high cortisol will not be complete without the presence of oyster, Facts have shown that people eating oyster regularly are less likely to suffer from high cortisol than one who hates eating this animal. Specifically, oyster consists of aphrodisiac which has ability to remove stressful hormone well. Thus, you are recommended to ea oyster 2-3 times a week.

7. Massage

It is as easy as massage and its effects are obvious. Massage is applied to reduce stress remarkably, therefore, it becomes one of the best solutions for high cortisol. You can choose many types of oil such as lavender oil, rose oil or coconut oil to massage your head slowly in 15 minutes before going to bed. This habit will enable you to sleep better and reduce factors releasing high cortisol perfectly.

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