How To Get Rid Of Blind Pimples Fast

Blind pimples are certainly the worst trouble for almost everyone. While the appearance of blemishes on your face can cause you to feel embarrassed easily, blind pimples are even more painful because they lie deeply under the skin layer and it’s extremely difficult to take it out. Not unlike other kinds of pimples, blind pimples develop as a result of excess amount of oil in your skin. This phenomenon will clog your pores and create the environment for overactive sebaceous glands to grow. It is said that blind pimples can be seen in many parts of face such as nose, ears, eyes. And when you run into some red spots without pus in various sizes, you are likely to suffer from blind pimples.

Regarding the treatment for blind pimples, people usually use poke them, however, this way can even make the situation worse. Instead, you are recommended to follow a healthy diet, allow yourself to enjoy a full sleep and you can witness much improvement condition of your skin. Moreover, you can also take some simple measure to get of these annoying blind pimples.

1. Tea Tree Oil

It is said that tea tree oil can do really well to get rid of blind pimples fast without any side effects. The presence of antibacterial qualities found in tea tree oil can eliminate any roots responsible for blind pimples. In addition, tea tree oil can effectively soothe your skin and accelerate the healing process. Without the help from tea tree oil, you are certain to feel much more confident with a perfect skin layer.

tea tree oil

  • Get a mixture of tea tree oil and water with 1:9 ratio
  • Soak a cotton ball into the solution
  • Use it to directly apply into the affected skin
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes
  • Allow lukewarm water to wash off
  • Apply a thin layer of moisturizer
  • Repeat the process regularly

2. Toothpaste

The effect of toothpaste does not lie on cleaning teeth but also getting rid of hateful blind pimples fast and efficiently. However, if you possess an extremely oversensitive skin type, you are not strongly suggested to make use of toothpaste due to its own of chemical elements which can worsen the situation. Regarding the usage of toothpaste, white one is the preferable. Clove oil as well as mint presented in toothpaste is believed to bring incredible result to narrow pimples’ size as well as relieve pain and redness.

white toothpaste

  • Take out a small amount of white toothpaste
  • Apply it into affected skin area
  • Go to bed
  • Use warm water to clean your face in the next morning
  • Do like this 2-3 times a day until you see further improvement

3. Honey

Honey can act as a wonderful home remedy to get rid of blind pimples fast. The development of bacteria blamed for annoying symptoms caused by blind pimples will be prevented with the assistance of honey. Moreover, honey can be also used as a cleanser which can come to the deepest area and clean it effectively without leaving scars.

  • Prepare small amount of raw honey
  • Use a cotton ball to dip into it
  • Apply the dipped cotton ball into your skin
  • Leave it on 20-25 minutes
  • Wash off with clean water
  • Follow the process repeatedly for better result

4. Milk


Milk is said to be so rich in alpha hydroxyl acid – a substance which is very beneficial for removing dead skin cells as well as absorbing excessive amount of oil in your skin layer. Therefore, people have been use milk as a natural home remedy of blind pimples for ages. All of what you have to do is simply drinking 2 glasses of milk every day.

5. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can be another effective home remedy for getting rid of blind pimples fast. Thanks to the amount of citric acid in lemon juice, your pimples will be dried out and gradually disappear. Furthermore, lemon juice will prevent bacteria blamed for blind pimples well and promote healing process perfectly.

  • Extract juice from 1-2 lemons
  • Have a cotton ball dip into the solution before applying it into the affected skin area
  • Wait for 15-20 minutes
  • Repeat this remedy frequently

6. Aloe Vera

aloe vera 1

In the battle against blind pimples, you are strongly recommended to apply aloe vera. Its quality of antibacterial can efficiently protect your skin from inflammation, swelling as well as seriously redness. Aloe vera may even do well in speeding up healing process. People can get rid of Lose Weight.

7. Epsom Salt

Another simple home remedy which you can consult for the quick treatment of blind pimples can be listed as Epsom salt. Inflammation resulting from blind pimples will disappear quickly and you may no longer feel fear about blind pimples anymore.

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