How To Get Rid Of Ants In The House

It seems that no one is unfamiliar with ants. Ants are said to be social insect, they can survive in many areas and rainy season is the time when ants develop the most prosperously. In fact, there are thousand kinds of ants ranging from fire ants, black ants or acrobat ants. However, the most common ant which is considered as enemy for any house can be odorous house ants. They are also called by another name: house-invading ant. Facts have shown that house-invading ants love sweet food, therefore, they appear densely on anything which contains much of sugar. Moreover, people sometimes feel really itchy and uncomfortable due to the fact that ants have bitten them. It is clear that ants can cause much of troubles, thus, it is necessary to get rid of this insect immediately from your house.

People often buy pesticides to kill a number of ants appearing in their house, however, this measure contains much of chemical substance which can do harm to their health and the environment. A good news is that nature has offered people many natural home remedies which demand simple ingredients to get rid of ants effectively. It is highly certain that these treatments will provide people with safer solution, all of what we have to do is spending time and patience on them.

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has special smell which can make ants feel scared, therefore, people can take advantage of this natural ingredient to get rid of a number for ants in their house.

cinnamon 2

  • Add a spoon of cinnamon oil into a glass of water
  • Dip a cotton ball into the solution
  • Use it to spray around area which witness the dense appearance of ants

2. White Vinegar

White vinegar is well known for its strong smell and this fact has great impact on getting rid of ants from your house. In particular, the smell coming from white vinegar will cause ants to lose their direction, therefore, they cannot resist it for a long time.

  • Get a mixture of water and white vinegar with 1:1 ratio
  • Drop some coconut oil into it
  • Allow a spray bottle to contain the solution
  • Shake it carefully
  • Wipe down the mixture around anywhere which you notice that ants are surviving
  • Do like this regularly

3. Borax

Borax is a special solution for getting rid of ants in the house. Facts have shown that this home remedy can attract the attention of ants, however, when ants consume it, they will automatically die. One thing you have to notice is that borax is rather a toxin, thus, you should keep it far from the reach of pets as well as your children.

  • Prepare borax, cornmeal as well as water with equal amount
  • Mix them together until you have a paste
  • Use this paste to spray area with ants

4. Lemon

If you are struggling with the strong attack of ants into your house, you are highly recommended to make use of lemon. This kind of fruit is so rich in acidity that it can prevent ants well.

lemon 1

  • Extract juice from some lemons
  • Use it to spray in area which ants are existing

5. Peppermint

Another home remedy which has great impact on removing ants in your house is peppermint. Particularly, it is proved that peppermint can act as an insect repellent. Ants really dislike strong smell coming from peppermint because it makes them lose the ability to smell. As a result, ants will not get access to the source of food with the help peppermint.

  • Put some drops of peppermint oil into a glass of water
  • Use the solution to spray around the area with the presence of ants
  • Repeat the process frequently

6. Cucumber Peel

People love eating cucumber because it brings to us many beneficial effects such as whitening skin, removing blemishes as well as getting rid of scar. However, not everyone is aware that the peel of cucumber can work well in removing ants in the house. This solution is such an economical way which can save people a lot of money.

cucumber peel

  • Take out cucumber peels
  • Sprays them around area which has ants
  • Use fresh peels to replace the older everyday

7. Cayenne Pepper

cayene pepper 2

This natural ingredient has spicy taste as well as smell. As a result, it will be an ant repellent. In fact, ants often depend on some chemical-based signals to find the way toward food and cayenne pepper can destroy these signals well. Therefore, there is no choice for ants but to find another place to survive. All of what you have to do is spreading cayenne pepper in ants’ area. This ingredient can also assist people a lot to Lose Weight Naturally.

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