Home Remedies For Dry Mouth

Winter time accompanies with many troubles and dry mouth seems to be the most common one. Dry mouth or scientifically called xerostomia is said to be resulted from the changes in saliva composition. Moreover, people who experience stress for long time or have the habit of drinking too much alcohol are also likely to go down with dry mouth. If you notice a parched feeling in your mouth and well as find it difficult to eat, communicate or swallow, it is certain that you are infected with dry mouth. Equally important, due to this disease, you can also face many other troubles such as severely rough tongue, taste loss or unattractive lips, which is so inconvenient. Therefore, it is always inevitable to know about the ways to treat dry mouth strictly.
The treatment for dry mouth can depend variously on people’s attitude. While many of us only rely on the help of chemical-based cream to put an end to dry mouth, others believe that this problem can easily cured with the help from some simple home remedies which require only natural as well as easy-to-find ingredients.

1. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper has specifically spicy taste which makes people can’t forget. Moreover, this popular home remedy has great impacts on removing dry mouth efficiently. In particular, when people deal with dry mouth, they are easy to lose taste and cayenne pepper can address this issue by recovering your sense. Therefore, you can have better recognize the difference between many kinds of flavor and improve the condition of your dry mouth.

cayene pepper 1
• Get your finger to be wet
• Use it to take a small amount of cayenne pepper
• Allow your tongue to be rubbed by it
• Do like this daily until you find better outcome

2. Aloe Vera

Another traditional home remedy which has great effects on treating dry mouth is aloe vera. It is said that with the great help from aloe vera, even the most sensitive tissue in your oral area will be protected well. Moreover, aloe vera is also beneficial for enhancing your taste during the time of disease. You can also use aloe vera to stop Ringworm.
• Extract juice from aloe vera leaves and drink 1 cup of the solution to stop cry mouth
• Alternatively, wash off your mouth using aloe vera juice regularly

3. Lemon

Lemon is so rich in acid, which is very useful for the fight against dry mouth. In addition, this popular home remedy can also relief various symptoms caused by dry mouth thanks to anti-fungal qualities. Therefore, lemon is considered as one of the best answer for anyone finding suitable dry mouth treatment.

• Have lemon juice by extracting some fresh lemons
• Get a mixture of lemon juice, honey and water with 1:1:2 ratio
• Drink the solution as your daily drink and enjoy further improvement

4. Cardamom

People, especially ones who live at the time of Ayurvedic believe in wonderful cardamon’s function of removing dry mouth. This special kind of herb can provide your mouth with enough moisturizer so that you will no longer suffer from serious state of dry mouth anymore.

• Mix cardamom powder with a cup of hot water
• Wait for it to steep in 10-15 minutes
• Sip the solution slowly
• Repeat the process 1-2 times a day

5. Ginger

Ginger is a popular ingredient which can act as incredible home remedy for many diseases including dry mouth. It is proved that ginger can stimulate saliva effectively and remove any roots triggering dry mouth well.
• Make ginger tea from some gingers pieces and hot water
• Add some drops of honey
• Consume the solution regularly to find better dry mouth condition

6. Grapeseed Oil

People can be very familiar with various types of oil such as coconut oil, olive oil… Another effective oil which should be added to our how-to tips is grapeseed oil. In general, grapeseed oil is abundant source of moisturizer and vitamin E, therefore, it can address the problem of dry mouth well.
• Allow fingers to apply a thin layer of grapeseed oil directly on your tongue
• Go to sleep
• Wash off your mouth with lukewarm water before brushing for teeth in the next morning
• Do like this several times

7. Fennel Seeds

fennel seeds

Fennel seeds have been used for long time to treat the problem of dry mouth. In particular, thanks to the amount of flavonoids found in fennel seeds, any annoying symptoms accompanying with dry mouth will disappear and you can feel much better.

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