Home Remedies For Asthma In Children

Among many lung-related diseases, asthma can be listed as the most common. It is even more terrible to witness the number of children suffering from asthma is increasing. When a child go down with asthma, he may have difficulty in breathing, continuously cough or suffer from severe pain in chest area, which is so dangerous. It is said that the main reason leading to asthma is a sudden lack of air flow into the lungs. On the other hand, other factors which contribute to serious state of asthma are seriously air pollution, unhealthy diet or allergies.

A good news is that parents can prevent disturbing symptoms caused by this diseases at home thanks to some natural remedies which apply on simple and easy-to-find ingredients.

1. Ginger

Ginger is a popular ingredient which can be found in many home kitchens. We can make use of this natural home remedy to release cold, address coughing and especially get rid of asthma in children. It is proved that when people apply ginger, inflammation level will be reduced remarkably. In addition, ginger also has power to relax your muscle well and help you feel healthier. You can also use ginger to treat Dry Mouth.

ginger 2

  • Extract juice from ginger
  • Mix it with equal amount of honey and lemon
  • Sip the solution little by little
  • Do like this 2-3 times a day

2. Mustard Oil

Another wonderful home remedy to get rid of asthma in children is mustard oil. The difficulty in breathing will go away under relaxing effects brought by mustard oil. Moreover, this treatment can clear your respiratory passage and recover your health effectively.

  • Put a small amount of mustard oil under average heat
  • Let it warm naturally
  • Contain it in a bowl
  • Rub the solution on your upper back and gently massage it
  • Repeat the process 2-3 times a day until you feel better

3. Figs

If your child is struggling with serious state of asthma, you are highly recommended to apply figs for him. In facts, figs contain many nutritional elements beneficial for the fight against asthma. Therefore, his respiratory strength will be promoted, thus he feels easier to take a breath.

figs 1

  • Have some dry figs
  • Dip them into a glass of water
  • Leave it on overnight
  • Strain the solution in the next morning
  • Drink it while your stomach is still empty

4. Garlic

Garlic is undoubtedly an effective home remedy for treating asthma. In facts, asthma is a result of congestion in lungs and garlic can address this problem well.


  • Crush 2-3 garlic cloves
  • Boil them with a glass of milk
  • Cool the solution naturally
  • Consume it regularly until you feel better

5. Coffee

Coffee is a passionate drink which makes many people love. Not only can coffee be a drink, it can also act as an effective home remedy for asthma. Thanks to coffee’s high content of caffeine, it can become a bronchodilator – the killer of any roots causing asthma. In addition, a suitable amount of coffee each day helps you awake and work efficiently. 2-3 cups of coffee is a wise selection for you to prevent the threat of asthma.

6. Honey

Honey is a popular thing which can be found in many home remedies including one for asthma in children. People have been using this traditional treatment because it consists of alcohol as well as ethereal oils beneficial for relaxing muscles and reducing annoying symptoms caused by asthma.

  • Get a mixture of honey and hot water
  • Sip the solution slowly
  • Do like this 2-3 times a day and enjoy better condition of your breathing

7. Onions


In the battle against asthma, onion is another reliable home remedy. Thanks to high content of anti-inflammatory content, onions can smooth air flow into your lungs and encourage you to have breath better. All of what you have to do is eating raw onions or simply applying them into your daily diet.

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