High Blood Pressure Remedies

High blood pressure or scientifically called hypertension is a dangerous phenomenon which can lead to serious state of heart attack. When your blood pressure reading is presented with 140/90 mm Hg, you are considered as having high blood pressure. Moreover, while obesity is said to be the most common factor contributing to high blood pressure, other listed reasons for this diseases are the lack of physical exercises, too much stress or hereditary condition.

High Blood Pressure Remedies

High Blood Pressure Remedies

The treatment for high blood pressure depends on its complexity. Besides going to hospital for a checkup, you can try to apply some natural home remedies to treat high blood pressure.

1. Watermelon seeds

In summer, we often eat watermelon because it brings us a nice taste as well as provides us enough water. However, there are few people who know that watermelon seeds can help to treat high blood pressure very effectively. This home remedies consist of cucurbocitrin – a substance which is so powerful in widening capillaries. Moreover, kidney system is also reinforced much once you use watermelon seeds. Your blood pressure level will be soon balanced and you can feel safer after taking this easy-to-find home remedy.

waer melon

  • Take watermelon seeds out from its fruit
  • Crush and dry them
  • Apply 2 spoons of processed watermelon seeds to enough water
  • Wait for 2 hours before straining it
  • Drink the solution instead of water everyday

2. Celery

Celery is a popular ingredient because people can use it to cook many delicious dishes. Equally important, celery has power to release high blood pressure perfectly. It is said that thanks to large amount of phytochemical 3-N-butyphthalide, celery can address any annoying symptoms caused by high blood pressure. Your muscles will be relaxed and your blood will be encouraged to flow easily once you use this home remedy. People usually eat a spoon of celery powder with water every day. It is clear that this remedy is not only effective but also very time-saving for anyone who are busy with work.

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3. Cayenne pepper

This home remedy is so beneficial for anyone who faces regular high blood pressure. Cayenne pepper allow your blood to flow smoothly and you are saved from annoying discomforts resulted from high blood pressure.

cayene pepper

  • Eat cayenne pepper if you feel good with its spicy
  • Alternatively, people can add cayenne pepper to their dishes in case they cannot absorb it directly

4. Fenugreek seeds

People can be keen on fenugreek seeds or not, however, no one can contradict its wonderful impacts on our daily life. We use this kind of seed for many purposes such as losing weight, thickening hair and especially getting rid of high blood pressure. Because this home remedy is so rich in potassium and fiber, it can effectively control high blood pressure well.

  • Take fenugreek seeds and water with 1:1 ratio
  • Mix them and leave it on 3 minutes
  • Strain the solution
  • Blend the processed seeds until you get a paste
  • Use the paste to eat in the morning as well as in the evening
  • Do like this regularly

5. Honey

Honey is said to be one of the most popular home remedies for high blood pressure. Your heart pressure as well as blood vessels can be controlled perfectly and the state of high blood pressure will be improved much since you take advantage of  honey. You can also rely on honey to cure Coughing In Kids.

  • Extract juice from ginger
  • Add a spoon of honey, cumin seed powder to ginger juice with 1:1:2 ratio
  • Mix them together
  • Eat the solution 3 times a day
  • Repeat the process as your daily routine
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