Being a night owl is one of the most commonly seen practices these days and more often with the youngsters. It is fun being a night owl but very few realize how the habit of being awake entire night can affect their health.

Human life cycle is created on a certain routine basis and it is appropriate to sleep during the nights when there is an increased production of melatonin hormone. Reversing the regular cycle of the body can harm the normal functioning of the organs.

There are many habits which make us be awake in the night. Some of those can be easily changed while some might be difficult. Nevertheless, making changes in our lifestyle keeps us healthy on a long run.

Here are some tips to change your habits of being a night owl and have a good sleep to stay healthy.

Schedule sleeping hours

You must have heard “early to bed, early to rise” the most famous proverb. It was one of the best practices since age old days. Manage a regular timing as sleep hours, and do not bring any other issue to bed when it is time to sleep. Time management plays a big role to follow it. But, health is important and sleeping in time is a must rule in anyone’s life.

Regular health check ups

Due to certain medical condition sleep can be difficult in the nights. It is very much necessary to have a routine health check up after the age of 30 for both men and women. Talk to your medical adviser in case of any conditions which could be a reason for lack of sleep. Improper sleep at nights makes a person irritable and tired most of his day which can worsen the health conditions.

Proper food and exercise

The food we eat plays a vital role in our sleep patterns. If some foods put you to sleep instantly, some other foods can keep you awake. Eat healthy and hygienic foods that keep you strong to work energetically in your day and make you wind up all your works on schedule to bed time. Exercise and keep your body fit. Any kind of exercise or work out should not be done just before sleeping hours as it can make awake late at night.

Say no to Caffeine

Well, we all know that caffeine consumption before bed time can keep you up for hours. You might have done that while early college days to be awake and study in the night. But, all the same it is not a healthy habit. Caffeine intake should be cut down after noon hours and especially before going to bed. Caffeine ingredients reduce the sleep and can keep you awake for hours late in the night.

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