Check these 5 Daily Habits Which Can Effects Your Sleep


Sleep is a relaxation state which every individual needs to catch the key of healthy and wealthy life. It is a root cause which enhances our physical and mental growth or development. A new born baby can grow well if he takes good quality of sleep. Getting adequate sleep means growth and development of body. Along with this, sleep is the only way to repair ourselves from any kind of injury and disease. Many of us having the trouble of sleeplessness and the bad thing is that we sometimes even don’t get the reason behind it and why we are facing these problem. It could be short term disease or sometimes it could be a long term disorder. Here in this article today we are going to find out what are causes of our sleeplessness or we can’t get enough sleep throughout the night and In this case what we need to do to fix this problem.

5 causes which badly affects your sleep that you never notice till now
1. Continuous watching Television until you’re sleepy
Thinking that if you’re watching television leads you to sleep easily then you’re wrong because instead of getting easy and good sleep by watching T.V, it actually makes you awake and never let you to fall asleep. As watching T.V stimulates your brain activity which is the exact opposite of what you want to happen if your goal is to sleep soundly and the light comes from the television makes you wake up.
What to do?
Answer. In this case fist you should make a proper scheduling of sleeping and avoid watching T.V before going to sleep this will be the bad option for you if you’re thinking that you may get sleep while watching TV. It may badly effect to your sleep.
2. Taking Stress and Tension of Office or other things
When you’re thinking too much of such things like office burden, friends separation, beloved rejection, lose of some important person in your life, etc… are the causes that lead you thinking too much and distract your sleep. When you thinking too much about such matters in the bed time, then it indicates you surely have some tension and stress about something, which makes you restless.
What to do?
1. Answer. In this problem you should be calm down and ignores your all issues which you’re thinking about too much and try to indulge your mind in other activity before going to bed like book reading, listening soft music, etc.. This will calm and fresh your mind and let you to sleep easily. That’s how you can stop thinking while sleeping. For more tips read this article Its time to close the door for stress and anxiety to recall sleep
3. Bed time Exercise
Doing Exercise is good and natural medicine for health to fix all health related issues but it also requires a proper timing to do so. Exercise should be done early in the morning but some people are having the habit of doing it at night, which isn’t good. Because exercise before going to sleep lead to over stimulated of metabolism and raise of heart rate. This causes you to feel restless and unable to fall asleep all over the night.

What to do?
Answer. Being Conscious about health is really good, but it is very essential that you should think about it what you’re doing. Make your exercise routine in the early morning instead of doing it at night.
4. Excessive use of Electrical Appliances and Internet in bed time
Sometimes light emitted from electrical appliances like television, digital alarm clocks, DVD players, etc… affects your sleep. You may also notice this when your close your eyes, bright light enter to your retina and sends a signal to your brain to wake up and on the other hand use of internet also dangerous for you. It leads to distract your sleep and never let you sleep throughout the night.

What to do?
Answer. If there is any light that disturbs your sleep, then shut down your door first, turn on your alarm clock towards the wall, and switch off your night bulbs or lights. You may also try eye mask which may cover your eyes and the outside light. Along with these you should avoid using internet before going to sleep.
5. Habit of Drinking Caffeine before sleeping
Some people are habitual of drinking caffeine drinks like tea or coffee before going to sleep. This is not good for your health as well as for your sleep. Your half life is rolls around caffeine and you use it in your daily life. Most of us drink more than one cup of tea or coffee in day. But some are having the habit of drinking it late at night or before going to sleep. You may don’t know but use of caffeine could be the main reason of your sleeplessness.

What to do?

1. Answer. In this case I’ll suggest if you’re having the habit of drinking tea or coffee in late night or before going to sleep then try to cease this habit and its substitute you can drink milk or green tea 30 minutes before going to bed. You can choose these 7 drinks” which can help you to fall asleep easily.

2. So these are the common habits which many of you’re also the part of it and facing sleeplessness problem with it. If you want to get easy and comfortable sleep then try these suggestions which I have recommended you step by step with problems in this article. Along with this if you want to know more about sleep disorders and treatments to cure sleep related problems then check out this page Recall sleep

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