It seems that no one is unfamiliar with cabbage. This kind of vegetable belongs to Brassica family, it owns a round shape and has layers of green leaves enclosing one another. It is clear that cabbage usually appears in our daily meal and people have many ways to cook cabbage such as boiling, frying, steaming or even making salad. In fact, cabbage contains many elements beneficial for our overall health such as vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, protein, or vitamin B6. As a result, cabbage can serve as treatment for many diseases such as constipation, sleep disorder, cancer. Furthermore, cabbage can address several skin related issues such as blemishes or itchiness.

Here are top 7 health effects of cabbage.

1. Cancer

Cabbage is a great container of antioxidant qualities, as a result, it can counteract harmful free radicals – the main cause of cancer in our body system. In addition, cabbage includes many anti-cancer elements, thus, it accelerates enzyme to regulate more active as well as reduce the quick development of cancer-causing elements. Therefore, you are advised to add cabbage into your daily diet to have a good health as well as to be safe from many health problems including cancer.

2. Inflammation

inflammation 3

Inflammation is a source of inconvenience as well as uncomfortable feeling. This trouble usually accompanies with many other discomforts such as fever, joint pains or itchiness. To address this problem, you can try using cabbage. In detail, this special kind of vegetable contains cadmium-binding complexes, therefore, it releases anti-inflammatory properties and saves people from number of annoying symptoms caused by inflammation.

3. Eye Care

The habit of eating cabbage regularly is proved to be very beneficial for your eyes. Particularly, beta-carotene presented in cabbage can effectively improve eye condition as well as reduce the risk of many eye diseases such as pink eye or eye itchiness.

4. Weight Loss

cabbage 4

If you are feeling worried about the state of your overweight, eating cabbage is a wise and safe solution. Minerals, vitamins and many other beneficial elements found in cabbage will make sure that your weight can decrease naturally without leaving any side effects. Equally important, it is estimated that cabbage consists of an extremely low content of calories – enemy of anyone wishing to change their body shape.

5. Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a nightmare for almost everyone because it can lead to many other dangerous diseases. Luckily, cabbage can address both high blood pressure and low blood pressure well. Specifically, this kind of food provides your body with enough potassium, therefore, blood flow will operate properly.

6. Skin Care

skin care 7

People have been eating cabbage to own a perfect skin layer for years. In fact, annoying dark spots, blemishes or aging process will be controlled much thanks to vitamin C as well as antioxidants found in cabbage.

7. Bone Health

cabbage 3

Bone is an important part of our body for sure. However, this part sometimes operates so wrongly due to a number of factors that causes people pain or difficulty in moving. Regarding the treatment to promote bone health, you are highly recommended to make use of cabbage. Facts have shown that the likelihood of weaken bone will decrease remarkably thanks to cabbage’s high content of minerals as well as calcium.